Here is a small list of manga that I've done over the years, just for my own sake.

15x22cm//34 pg//perfect bound
SOLD OUT! Thanks, everyone!
samples: ■

My first real doujinshi, obviously Alice in Wonderland inspired. It's black and white, reads right to left, and is in english with japanese sound effects. Includes additional sketches and artwork.

[kage no matsuri]
online manga//21 pg

Kage no Matsuri was done as a challenge to myself. I wanted to create a manga with no dialogue and no greyscale to experiment with my story telling and inking abilities. It was tough and awkward at times to say the least, but I learned so much from doing this silly little doujinshi. I'm really glad I finished it.

Recently, Kage no Matsuri won Grand Prize in the first Morning International Manga competition. To see more about the contest and how to enter yourself, please go HERE.
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